Sitting on a child's bike next to a fountain

About Cling

In the beginning…

Driving down the M11 to spend another week sleeping on a friends sofa, working in an office 40 hours a week, and not particularly enjoying most of my time away from home.
I was pretty sick of doing this week in, week out and wanted something to change.

Something changed

Not my obsession enjoyment of all things cycling, but the desire to have more to do with it. I wanted to spend more time with bikes, looking at bikes, talking about bikes, riding bikes.

What can you change though?

I’m a web designer and developer by trade and have been working for myself (for other companies) for nearly ten years. I enjoy doing what I do but it’s not very often that I get to do the kind of work that revs my motor. I love creating new brands and building sites from scratch.

Do that then!

I figured I could start my own brand of cycling gear and design everything myself. This idea got me very excited. I rang a close friend and ran all my ideas past him, and my ideas started gaining momentum and the next thing I knew, I’d come up with the name and designed the logo and was starting coming up with ideas for all kinds of kit designs.
After that, it was just a case of persevering and moving along as much as I could, with the limited time I had.

The rest, is here and now.